Stock Market Insights from Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is one of the greatest assets of the stock market and he is still part of the finance world. He is an investment, finance, and research analyst who enjoys helping people make money.

A Change In the Stock Market

The stock market has changed for decades. According to Paul Mampilly, the advancement of technology and the improvement of computers has greatly affected the stock market. He noticed this when he was in control of a $5 billion USD hedge fund on Wall Street. Paul Mampilly says that the trading can now be quickly done by computers as compared to how it was decades ago where the trading is normally done by human beings.

Today, computers use its intelligence that is manufactured by humans, it has an algorithmic program, infinite numbers and so on. Investment expert Paul Mampilly stressed that investing can really change as the years go by because of computers. We can now perceive or apprehend how others are using stocks to trade because of the amount of information and tracking prices in the computer. This was the biggest change that Mampilly has observed while he was working on Wall Street compared to 15 to 20 years ago where computers were completely new to most companies. Small and big investors used some tools way back and these tools are considered as a disadvantage from an average retailer or aspiring investors.

Paul Mampilly also talked about the use of Exchange Traded Funds or commonly known as ETF that dominate the stock market nowadays, but 2 decades ago it was controlled by mutual funds. Exchange Traded Funds tend to have passive or acquiescent investments because of its fees that are normally low. Nevertheless, it has become a systematic challenge for them. It is important to analyze and study the stock market in order to position yourself before buying and to understand what you are going to buy. Mampilly also stated an example of companies that developed over time such as Amazon and Tesla have adapted and changed the idea of their value and the way their business is being valued when it comes to great investment opportunity.


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