JD.Com Joins Paramount and Hasbro in Launching the Transformers Movie Bumblebee

The leading e-commerce platform in China is known as JD.com and was founded in the year 2003 by a renowned businessman known as Richard Liu Qiangdong. The online company came into rising after the poor performance of the physical mall known as JingDong Mall which used to supply magneto-optical products. The company started performing poorly in 2003 when the SARS outbreak hit China and clients were forced to stay indoors as well as the staff. Richard Liu, who is a graduate of computer science and programming from the international university of China and Europe, came up with a website where the customers could buy their goods from their homes. He named the website JD.com and today it is among the leading online shopping websites in the world.

The platform is a highly reputable one which operates under the management of its founder who also serves as the Chief Executive Officer Mr.Richard Liu. He runs the company smoothly and professionally.

Recently JD.com joined hands with Paramount Pictures and Hasbro Entertainment Company to celebrate the release of a Transformers movie Bumblebee. Initially, JD.com partnered with the Transformers and Hasbro Franchise in the year 2017 when they released a Mission RED monitor that showed a unique transformer character for Jd Company, the Optimum and Red Knight. In this year’s fusion of the companies, they will celebrate and display a series of three mini shorts which will feature Chinese men’s wear and Panasonic brands in which the Red Knight protects the emerging.

Hasbro and JD.com are trying to bring Red Knight back to live through the creation of an action figure of the TRANSFORMERS bottle action which was released on 29th December last year, and it is only available on JD.com. The company has also established super BUMBLEBEE Day of sales promotion which coincides with the January 4th premiere of the film in China. During this day, the clients were able to buy the BUMBLEBEE movie, themed merchandises from Panasonic, Hasbro, HLA and more companies. JD also launched the delivery systems which included the delivery drones and high tech robots used for delivering parcels.

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