Bernardo Chua’s Views on the Healthy Living

Bernardo Chua is the Organo Gold’s CEO. The organization was initiated in 2008 primarily known for its production of the best coffee and tea. Chua is famous for his knowledge in business and marketing. He has been honored severally for his utility in the business industry by the Pacific Rim.

Bernardo brought Organo Gold into existence due to his desire for the communities’ perfect health. His product brand is known globally resulting in universal openings. Chua’s work is recommendable in all the organizations he has worked with.

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Bernardo Chua’s Achievements

Bernado Chua received the Dangal Bayan Award based on business and industry grounded on the people’s selection and National Consumer Quality Award. Chua has risen from a small business person in the Philippines to a great entrepreneur. He has used his knowledge to come up with his institution known as Organo Gold.

Giving back to the Society

Bernardo Chua is a man who is well known to care about the people in the society. The act can be proved by his Organo Gold funding the OG Care Foundation. It is aimed at the betterment of the young generation to prepare them to be perfect leaders. Chua regularly talks to the teenagers to mentor them in a bid to create a positive influence on an outstanding scale. Besides, he believes that each person needs guidance to be productive in society.

Advantages of Utilizing Organo Gold

Organo Gold coffee assists in boosting the body’s immune system. The coffee kills bacteria in the body. It also battles the contaminations whose consequence is a menace in the body. The beverage is used to manage heart-related illness such as high blood pressure. The Organo coffee can help reduce such ailments.

Bernardo Chua’s Business Model

Bernado’s business rotates around coffee and healthy tea. His idea deals with the marketing of coffee and distribution of coffee and tea that is fit to the human’s body. Organic products do not affect the human body but enhance the health state of the body.



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