Peter Briger Helped Fortress Investment to Grow Rapidly During His Time With the Firm

With regards to international investing, Fortress Investment Group is among the leading firms, and Peter Briger is an integral part of the company. Being both a chairman and a principle is not an easy task for anyone, but he makes the most of his powerful role. This firm is in charge of managing many billions of dollars, and Briger has been with the company for a very long time thus far, becoming a board member in 2006 and taking another role as chairman in the summer of 2009. Before this, he was with the Fortress managing committee since 2002, and focused on real estate and credit. Peter Briger got on of the best post-secondary educations possible at Princeton University, and also earned the University of Pennsylvania’s MBA.

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Becoming an official partner in the late nineties, Peter Briger was a part of the globally recognized Goldman, Sachs & Co. for more than a decade, and this time was a great preparation for what he does now with Fortress Investment Group. He has quite a bit of expertise when it comes to the market in Asian countries, and especially Japan. He also has a great understanding of that area’s real estate sector. His role was not at all insignificant when SoftBank, a large Japanese organization, finally acquired the Fortress Investment Group at which he is so influential.

Fortress Investment Group is quite adept at expansion and gaining new assets to manage, and there is no doubt that having Mr. Peter Briger in a role of power and decision-making is working out well for the firm. He was valuable what it was time for the firm to acquire Intrawest. About a decade ago, Fortress Investment Group was able to offer IPO stocks beginning in 2007, and his stellar management team was one of the main reasons that this was even a possibility. It is a monumental accomplishment for someone to help a firm or organization grow so much in such a small window of time, and Peter Briger should definitely be commended for his efforts while working towards this goal. Visit:



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