Oren Frank the CEO of Talkspace Hires a Chief Medical Officer

The CEO and the founding father of Talkspace Mr. Oren Franks have employed a Senior Medical Officer who will help to expand Talkspace business and also start prescribing drugs through the online therapy app. He also said that the company is making millions of money from this online therapy application with more than one million people already subscribing for these online services. Talkspace is a platform that offers online therapy services through video chats or text messages. This organization is very serious when it comes to upgrading the services it offers and has hired a senior medical officer to oversee some of its operations.

Neil Leibowitz, the newly appointed Chief Medical Officer at Talkspace used to serve at UnitedHealth as the chief medical director. His hiring at Talkspace came about when the company is trying to expand out its business ventures. Read more at talkspace.com by Oren Frank

According to Oren Franks, Talkspace offers a weekly service that costs 79 dollars for engaging one of its online therapists. For a message, the user is charged 49 dollars. Currently, Talkspace has more than one million subscribers. The presence of Leibowitz at Talkspace will enable the online therapy firm to start prescribing drugs to its users when needed. However, the prescription of drugs will be limited to the use of a video chat.

On Oren Franks twitter handle, he highlighted several things that you can do with the internet to deal with depression and anxiety. So the internet wants us to believe that this is very true. With a lot of exercises, drinking lots of water and practicing yoga can help cure anxiety and depression. This information is readily available on the internet and therefore if people can access them then they can deal with their own mental issues.

In one of Oren Franks tweets, he said that Research shows that people who do exercise or 20-30 minutes can fight-off depression in the long-term. However, one is supposed to choose the work out that works best for you. According to  more a study by the University of Toronto, this will not only treat but also help prevent depression.

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