Flavio Maluf, A Renowned Businessman and CEO in Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is a prominent tycoon and businessman from Brazil. He works in Eucatex where he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. Eucatex is an export production company that majors in building and manufacturing raw materials. As a significant figure in the business world, Flavio is usually hosted for interviews to share about his career and success in business. He usually talks about his typical routine for a normal day in many of his interview. He stated that he starts his day at 8.45 in the morning. His priority is to be in the office at least four times a week. He usually has his schedule well planned and organized since it’s usually packed with meetings. He visits the factory several times a week to ensure that it’s running ad operating smoothly and also to ensure that the standards are met. He also does aerobics and physical exercises during the week.

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Flavio Maluf has shared about the specific formula that he uses to turn all his ideas into reality. He likes to read magazines articles on milling and production export subjects. He then gathers all the information and discusses them out with his highly supportive and dedicated team. After the discussion, they finally come up with the best implementation plan. Technological evolution has led to advancement that was impossible in the past. As a result, many online companies and several services inspire Flavio and also encourages him to grow and develop his business to greater heights.

Flavio also noted that he is ever ready to explore business efforts that are beyond the immediate contacts of his family. This would, in turn, provide him with growth and development opportunities as the CEO of Eucatex. He has high confidence and firmly believes that it’s possible to grow business at a fast and high rate than when an individual is ahead in their sector at the time. He also believes that any company is flexible and ready for any changes in future. Eucatex incorporated a new life for MDF and HDF. This development was included in their facility based in Salto, Brazil. This form of technology produces high-quality panels used for doors and various other furniture items in the industry.

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