Flavio Maluf Point of View on Entrepreneurship

Flavio Maluf was born in the early 1960s in Brazil. Although he has a degree in mechanical engineering, Flavio always had a passion for being an entrepreneur hence decided to pursue a full time business course. For many years Flavio has dedicated himself to advice upcoming entrepreneurs on the strategy applicable to succeed in their businesses. Flavio believes that for any company to excel an entrepreneur must proceed with caution and keep in mind the following key points; Read more about Flavio at terra.com

  • A business will succeed if the entrepreneur dedicates time to the firm and seek perfection.
  • Money should not be the hindrance to start a business since many investors are more than willing to invest in new ideas because all that’s required is a well-organized plan.
  • Invention and innovation should be considered.
  • An entrepreneur should identify new opportunities and use them to the advantage of the business, hence improve the dynamics of the market.
  • Every entrepreneur should research to gain more knowledge in their field. They can get information from magazines, the internet and visiting the existing industries dealing with the same product and try to identify any business gaps and formulate new idea to fill those gaps.
  • An entrepreneur should be ready failure if they want to succeed, also set ideal solutions for the risks that are likely to face the business.

Flavio Maluf has succeeded in founding Eucatex Company where he is the CEO. The company’s brand name originated from the Eucalyptus tree. Eucatex company uses the Eucalyptus wood in making slabs used in both the furniture and construction industry. The company ensures that the needs of the consumer are met. Eucatex ensures that they offer natural and environmental friendly products. The products are supplied to the American Home Depot chain to be certified. Eucatex is among the leading wood companies. He is also the president of Grandfood.

Visit: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fl%C3%A1vio_Maluf



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