OSI Industries on Feeding Spaniards and the Portuguese in the 21st Century

Americans have a large appetite for chicken and chicken products. Their tastes have rubbed on the Spaniards who are now the next big market. OSI industries took notice and launched a mega project dedicated to filling these new appetites. The city of Toledo in Central Spain is no longer known for its love for steel only but also as the destination for the best chicken products in Spain. It is in this city sitting near River Tagus that the company chose for the most complex processing plant in Spain.

The project costs a tidy sum and hosts a production hall, shipping and receiving area cold rooms, service areas and luxury areas for employees during their time off. In the kitchen of the new plant, OSI Industries will produce a total of over forty thousand tons of meat each year. The company known for its non-compromising standards on health and safety did their magic in Spain as well.

The new processing plant boasts of a surveillance system and perimeter walls and a fully equipped fire prevention system all in a bid to protect its one hundred and sixty employees. The employees of the company are treated like family, and it is easy to see why their security is put first. Happy employees are the reason the OSI Industries are always number one.

The Spain plant will produce enough for Spain and Portugal, effectively satisfying the rising demand for OSI Industry products. The company already has a shipping area in the new Toledo plant that will ensure a stable flow of their products around these two countries. The overnight increase in chicken demands is the reason the facility received a major facelift and upgrade to double its productions. All is well that ends well, so if Spain and Portugal get their hunger satisfied, then the company will have met and exceeded customers’ expectations. OSI Industries also agreed to work with locals to produce for the particular local palates.

More about OSI Industries

The company headquarters are in Aurora in Chicago. Their specialty is processing meat and a host of other meat products. OSI also supplies raw meat besides manufacturing frozen products. The company is known for going over and above their abilities for their customers to enjoy flawless products. Grocery stores, hotels, supermarkets and establishments with a deli in it are their customer. Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald have provided excellent leadership for OSI at the top level.


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