Key Stakes behind the Rapid Growth of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group of one of the investment management companies that have managed to conquer the industry’s leadership for many years. With the help of its three top leaders; Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Briger Peter, the organization has remained at the cream of the industry for two decades. The performance of this company has been outstanding, and this aspect has impressed a lot of investors, some of whom have left other investment management firms and joined Fortress in the quest for safe and viable management of their hard earned wealth. Within all these years, Fortress Investment Group has maintained a consistent trend of yielding positive returns on its clients’ investment, an aspect that every investor seeks. This has given the firm a very competitive edge in the industry and even securing many industry performance-based awards and honors over the years of its operations.

A combination of several aspects and attributes have been associated with this kind of outstanding performance by Fortress. One of these aspects is the existence of professionalism in the company. Fortress Investment Group has made all the efforts possible to ensure that it employs professional staff who can satisfactorily serve their customers. This has enhanced their customer service and even made their customers the happiest in the industry. Due to the good reputation of the customer satisfaction, Fortress Investment Group has managed to win clients from all over the world who comprise both institutional and individual investors. Currently, the organization boasts of managing assets and wealth on behalf of more than 2000 investors globally.

Another aspect that has greatly contributed to the achievements of Fortress Investment Group is the asset-based investment strategy of the organization. In the beginning, Fortress Group was purely a private equity management firm. However, due to the realization of the benefits that come along with diversification of an organization’s portfolio, the top management hired Peter Briger who introduced the management of other asset strategies like real estate, hedge funds, credit funds and permanent capital investment instrument. This was with the aim of mitigating the investment risk that is associated with companies concentrating on one type of investment strategy.


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