A Look At Talos Energy’s Senior Management Team

It takes a lot to succeed in the oil and gas industry. It takes strong management along with solid and well-managed assets. Any company that is going to succeed needs a senior leadership team in place with deep experience in this industry. Talos Energy, Inc. is one such team that has this going for it. This company is led by one of its co-founders, President and Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan.Tim Duncan attended Mississippi State University. After graduating with a degree in petroleum engineering he also attended the Bauer Executive Program on the campus of the University of Houston, earning an MBA. After graduating from this program he started working as the senior vice president of business development at the oil & gas firm Phoenix Exploration Company LP in April 2006.

During the five years he was with this company it had doubled in size in no small part due to his work there. When this company was sold to Apache Corporation in August 2011 he decided to open his own company and as a result Talos Energy was established in January 2012.Stephen Heitzman is one of the other co-founders of Talos Energy. He serves as the chief operating officer and executive vice president. He has been in the energy industry for more than 40 years. His degree is in mechanical engineering and he is a graduate of Texas Tech University. He has been in startup companies in the oil and gas industry before, such as when he helped to launch Gryphon Exploration.

When this company was successfully sold to Woodside USA in 2005 Stephen Heitzman went on to help build another startup, Phoenix Exploration Company.Rounding out the senior management team of Talos Energy is John Parker. He is the executive vice president of exploration. He has degrees earned from Louisiana State University and the University of New Orleans and has a master’s degree in earth science. He started out at Shell Oil Company and worked onshore exploring the Gulf Coast for oil. He also worked for Gryphon Exploration and was one of the founders of Phoenix.


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