Fortress Investment Group’s Thriving Success

Fortress Investment Group LLC was established in 1998 and since then, has remained competitive in the global investment sector across the globe. The company currently holds assets worth $43.6 billion as at 31st December 2017. Fortress Investment Group had a title as the first U.S based company to sell shares to the public in 2007. The company’s management system has contributed significantly to its success as well as competencies.

Fortress Investment Group’s competencies

Fortress Investment Group is in the business of offering financial loan services and makes steps to invest in the power equipment and energy sectors. Its key priorities include private capital vehicle, private equity, credit private equity, and credit hedge funds. Fortress Investment Group sufficiently runs account across the world for several businesses including SMEs. The company’s major competency is corporate mergers and acquisition as the team has experiences and skills that provide valuations and in some instances mergers and acquisition. By using an asset-based approach, Fortress Investment Group can determine the Net Asset Value of every merger or acquisition target. The company is also well versed with industry knowledge as it offers its clients a wealth of industry knowledge that is relevant in the investment industry. With success in most of the services offered, Fortress Investment Group has increased their clients’ portfolios thereby attracting positive reputation. Furthermore, the company continues to enjoy success in capital marketing and operations management which are emerging service areas in the corporate world.

Competent management team

Currently, Fortress Investment Group has over 950 executive members and 2,400 employees in different parts of the world. According to the online reviews of employees, it is evident that the company respects its human resources. Most of the employees have described their time at Fortress Investment Group as nothing less than educational, fast-paced, innovative, and competitive. They feel that they have witnessed innovation and growth over the years accompanied by academic progress and enhanced professional records. Fortress Investment Group’s employees are not only chosen based on their experience and skills, but also as a result of their understanding about the key competencies of the company.

Acquisition by SoftBank

The SoftBank Group Corporation managed to purchase Fortress Investment Group at $3.3 billion in cash. The Japanese company is a well-established technology corporation with a reputation for innovation and technology investment. The $3.3 billion deal was an indication of Fortress Investment Group’s value in the market; SoftBank foresaw the competitive investment opportunity that the company presented. After the acquisition, the CEO of SoftBank, Masayoshi Son stated that he recognizes the excellent track record that Fortress Investment Group has particularly in its leadership, expertise, and world-class investment platform. For SoftBank, the acquisition deal will help it expand its group potential as well as the Vision Fund platform which is aimed at driving sustainable growth.


Fortress Investment Group has witnessed success over the years which have made it reputable across the globe. The company has an experienced team that understands the value of professionalism and commitment. Its refined tools have enabled to offer low cost, low-risk financial opportunities to its clients.


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