Why the Case the Enhanced Athlete Has Won Is Good News

With the sensitivity people have on fitness sessions, most fitness companies have also come up. Enhanced Athlete is a Wyoming-based fitness company in Cheyenne. Nutrition Distribution has filed a lawsuit against it but it won a great deal. ND had claimed that the increased sales Enhanced Athlete had realized were from false advertisements, which wasn’t the case. Enhanced Athlete is known to distribute health and fitness products in the region and beyond and its competitors haven’t been happy about this. According to this company, Nutrition Distribution has falsely accused several fitness companies but it has not been able to prove any of its claims right.


The claim that Enhanced Athlete has been advertising false products is not true and proving it in court has also been a tall order for Nutrition Development. The court came out strongly to defend the defendant by saying that the plaintiff could not prove the allegations. The court treated it as just a matter of speculation. Michael Adams, who is the attorney for Enhanced Athlete, says that the plaintiff’s false claims would get any inch ahead because they are all falsehood. The CEO for Enhanced Athlete, Scott Cavell indicates that his company would not be a victim any longer of such shakedown schemes.


One good thing about Enhanced Athlete is that it has maintained its firm stand and positive perception. This has helped the company to thrive in the fitness industry and bodybuilding area. Besides continuing to do what it has been doing before, the company promises that it will even expand more and become famous even in areas where it wasn’t known before. The company indicates that even its sister companies like Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching will expand as it expands. Enhanced Gear is a sister company that helps the mother company with apparel and other fitness products.


Enhanced Coaching is a site that deals mainly with fitness and bodybuilding training. It offers one-on-one training to those interested in the fitness programs of the company. Enhanced Athlete together with its sister companies intend to improve the quality of what they have been offering and make their clients happier. Now that it has won the case, its main objective will be on customer satisfaction and name building. It also aims at ensuring that those interested in fitness and bodybuilding can access coaches of their choice without any problem. The CEO of the company, Mr. Scott Cavell, has come up with an online community where all fitness needs can be professionally met.


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