Cassio Audi’s Musical Career Unearthed

From 1985 to the start of 1990, Cassio Audi engaged in an exciting musical career that earned in respect and fame among the lovers of rock music in Brazil. Much detail about his gallant musical career had never found the way into the limelight, but the little that is known shows that he belonged to a four-man band that was named the Viper.

Cassio Musical Trajectory
When they started out, rock music had little acknowledgment due to the inexperience and the little westernization influence that existed at the time. In fact, most people came to appreciate the band due to the incredible drumming skills that he possessed. Cassio was so passionate with his drumming and consequently his band that his fame grew all over Brazil in a short time span. He also took other active roles in the band, where he turned as a composer and also helped Andres, his colleague as a co-vocalist.
Determination Bearing Fruits
Through their constant determination and commitment, the band secured a lot of shows in Brazil, which came as a surprise to them since Rock music grappled with a lot of resistance from the conservatives during that time. They further went a notch higher, when they first released their first album which they named, Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987. Cassio’s compositions in the album comprised Nightmare, Killeria, and Princess from Death. Cassio and his band members continued to soar higher with the number of stage performances increasing by the day. Despite constant attacks from their critics, their fame grew all over Brazil and even spread beyond the borders. Most fans attested that their love for the band grew courtesy of their electric performances, with Cassio becoming the main center of attraction due to his great drumming skills. Two years later, they released the album Theatre of Fate, which untimely brought an abrupt end to Cassio Audi’s career in music.


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