Bob Reina: Everyone’s Favorite CEO

The truth of the matter is that every CEO has a different style, and that is not to say there is a wrong style or a right style. It is all about a style that works for the company and is true to the personality of the CEO. Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, and he has been since 2007. While the product, which is a video communications service, has changed in great ways, Bob Reina has stayed the same. Make no mistake about it that is praise and that is high praise. He has stayed steady and he has stayed consistent. That can be hard when running a business. Learn more:


When someone is running a business, they can feel certain pressures and there are always going to be highs and lows. Nothing comes easy in business, especially as the CEO and founder. There are going to be times when they are faced with tough decisions and tough calls. In many circumstances, the outcome of those can affect the company moving forward and the employees in a big way. If they make a mistake, it can really set the company back and put them in a bad way. Bob Reina follows his guts, is always prepared, and leads with principle.


He made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which speaks volumes about the character of Bob Reina. He loves animals just as much as people, and he saw they were in need. One thing needs to be made clear: Bob Reina does not sit on the sidelines in life. He goes out there and he gets things done. He is not a bench player. He is an all-pro. He also knows a lot of people can’t afford Talk Fusion right now, which is why there are thirty day free trials of the product. He knows the product will help out other people very quickly. Learn more:


He believes in himself, the people he works with, and most of all, he believes in Talk Fusion. That is why they have had such longevity and success as a company.

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