David Howitt as a business person

David has an amazing career. When he completed his degree in law, he worked for a law firm in the finance department. The institution was quite big, and thus he did not suit in and decided to get another job. He was later employed by Adidas. This is one of the most performing entities in the clothing industry. The institution enables him to interact with a wide range of firms which are equally performing well. After working there for some time, he quieted his job.

He founded a company with his wife which focused on selling tea. The firm started performing well, and thus he sold it in the year 2004. After doing that he started Meriwether Group. This is an institution which offers a wide range of services. Some of the utilities being offered include legal guidance to different firms. Institutions which are planning to get guidance in different ventures should consider getting help from the institution. The firm has expatriates who will guide them through the entire process without the need of spending a lot of money in the process.

With his great performance, he has been appointed as chair of Pacific Environmental Advocacy Center. This is an institution which its main aim is to maintain the environment clean and conducive for human inhabitance. The institution has also been pushing for policies which will facilitate environmental care among people. With the help of Howitt, the firm is now performing greatly, and it focuses on expanding to other parts of the country.

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Howitt has been taking parts in many philanthropic activities over the years. He has been a very passionate person in supporting individuals who are less fortunate in the society. By supporting such persons, David believes that our community will reduce poverty by a significant margin.

Howitt has also been sponsoring a number of students who are not in a position of affording their education. By offering training to such people, the society will cut off the vicious circle of poverty without the need of spending a lot in the process. His support has been mainly among the minority groups.

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