Eric Lefkofsky and Cancer Database

Eric is known for his association with Groupon, a company he founded. He is also proprietor of InnerWorkings and Echo Global. He has since taken the latter two companies global. Eric has earned close to $1.79 billion working in e-commerce startups. He recently launched another company, Tempus, which has ideal targets. This company plans to assemble a genomic cancer database.This database will facilitate doctors in their comparison of client DNA to what is in the database so as to individualize therapies. It is expected that this will help clients live longer even as some get cured all together.

The reality of the matter, Eric came to see, was that technology was developing quick in other areas but medicine. Again Eric realized that many physicians were collecting a lot of data but were not able to analyze the same.Eric admits that there are many nonprofits working towards cancer issues. What stands Tempus out from the rest of the cancer initiatives is that it is in league with large hospitals to collect data. Tempus facilities will then be used for gene sequencing analysis. Tempus has also made it possible for physicians to compare patient DNA with other cancer patients’ profiles using software. This way the doctors will be informed of treatments that were successful in patients with analogous genetic makeup.

Kevin White

In 2015, Eric resigned from Groupon as its chief executive so that he could focus his energy on growing Tempus. He is still the chairman of the board at Groupon and a majority shareholder as well. Upon leaving Groupon, Eric hired Kevin White. Kevin brings extensive knowledge on genetics matters. He has, for over a decade, been working at the ‘University of Chicago’ system Biology department.

Brad Kevwell

With Brad Kevwell, Eric shares a 50-50 ownership of Tempus. Kevin and Eric are partners in other business ventures. When they realize they have a need for a particular service and product, they venture into its creation.


Eric Lefkofsky is also ‘an adjust Professor‘ working at the ‘University of Chicago’. He is the author of Accelerated Disruption. Eric went to ‘University of Michigan’.


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