What Clinical Pathways Does for Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is now using Clinical Pathways, a unique ecosystem that is brought to them by Allscripts and NantHealth. This system is designed to provide oncologists with tons of data submitted by other oncologists around the nation for insight into their treatment plans and how the platform itself will dramatically improve the delivery of the care that the patient is receiving and how well the patient does after the treatment as opposed to any prior treatment options. The latest cancer research available is being plugged into the system, including the full treatment regimen, any side effects reported, and other related data.

Comparison between drugs used and the costs for those drugs or therapy is also a big part of what Clinical Pathways can help oncologists and their patients to determine what their best option is. Computer entry makes it easy for both the doctor and the patient to access the information about their plan, as well as the data that they are looking for. This empowers the patient in that they can research their options and compare any prior or suggested treatments well.

It is safe to say that Clinical Pathways is helping patients get what they need when they need it most. The Eviti system is mapped inside the Pathways system in an effort to make it easier for doctors to integrate these treatment regiments with any current treatments. Clinical approaches that are logged inside of the ecosystem make it easy for doctors to review the evidence-based approach they feel most confident about using and all the while the patient will experience a greater quality of life as they continue to undergo treatment at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

There are now up-to-date guidelines as well as drug reactions, response times from treatment and more.

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