Trust IAP Worldwide Services in Times of Emergency

IAP Worldwide Services is the government’s partner that they trust when they just have to have power in the United States, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico after a storm. The team gets ready ahead of time by staging in the area and then waits for the storm to arrive. They have installed more than 10,000 generators at critical care facilities and more than 50 one-megawatt backup generators.

IAP Worldwide Services is constantly searching for the best solutions for their customers. One of the items that they regularly investigate is renewable energy. When it is a cost proven alternative count on IAP Worldwide Services to deliver.

IAP Worldwide services already has a proven record when it comes to major storms. They have responded extremely well during Katrina, Sandy, Katia and others. During a recent year, IAP Worldwide Services deployed more than 100 teams in just three states and did not even begin to tap into their available resources.

IAP Worldwide Services has over 1,600 employees in 20 countries across the globe. These employees on are dedicated to seeing that the job is done right the first time. Many are veterans who have already served their country and are now ready to serve customers in the roughest of circumstances.

The company is headed by Douglas Kitani who is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and received his MBA from Emory University. He is a licensed pilot who has flown combat missions in some of the roughest circumstances on Devex. He expects his employees to take care of their customers every need and they do.

In addition to providing power services, IAP Worldwide services is often called on to provide logistics during major events. They have the experienced team to make sure that supplies get where they need to go efficiently. Additionally, the team has the knowledge to do structural reports after a major event because nothing can move on any network until someone makes sure that the buildings, roads and other structures are safe.

While IAP is a major government contractor, they offer the same services to your company. If you need emergency equipment, logistics or transportation help, then contact them today.


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