Securus is Helping Inmate Communications to be Fair and Secure

Securus Technologies is a technology company that provides communications equipment and services for the law enforcement community, civil and criminal justice systems and for public safety. Securus also offers inmate communications technology which allows prisoners to keep in touch with their family, friends and associates.

The Video Visitation App gives people the ability to use their mobile devices or personal computers to talk to inmates. They can do more than just speak to their incarcerated family members; they can also see them face to face. You can download the app from Google Play here >> technology from Securus helps inmates to stay closer to their families; especially when it is hard for people to travel to a prison facility. Young kids no longer have to spend so much time away from their incarcerated parents and inmates have been known to function better since they can see their loved ones more often. Another advantage is that people no longer have to be charged for collect phone calls.

The inmate communication technology can be used for a fee. The FCC has been trying to limit rates for interstate rates pertaining to inmate calls. Securus had to go to court over this issue and has won their case. What this simply means is that Securus can charge competitive rates for inmate phone calls while still earning a profit.

The FCC has always been trying to help inmates and their families to avoid unfair charges pertaining to inmate communications. Securus wants to work with the FCC in this regard. This company wants to ensure that inmates are not being excessively charged and they want to make sure that prisoners and their families are not being exploited around this issue. Both parties are currently trying to reach a resolution about this issue.

Securus Technologies is in no way a part of the Securus supplement for health promotion nor the Securus America site for agents.

Securus House is also a separate entity as it is a domestic violence victims center.


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