White Shark Media Takes Customer Concerns Seriously

Google Adwords allow small businesses to invest a small sum of money and reap great advertising and promotional rewards. White Shark Media provides comprehensive Google (and Bing) Adwords management. This is not all the company can do.

White Shark Media may be known for PPC expertise, but there are other services the company affords to clients including logo and website design. Internet marketing is all about visuals. A poorly designed website is going to undermine all PPC and internet marketing strategies.

The company has had to deal with a few customer complaints. This is usually the case when a new business opens up in a competitive industry. Those in charge of White Shark Media have taken these complaints very seriously. On the company’s blog, details have been published regarding what the company is going to do to fix things.

Customers want better communications systems put in place. Clients want to be able to stay on top of their Adwords campaign’s analytics and results. White Shark Media has instituted a few policies and changes to ensure clients never see questions go unanswered. The integration of direct phone lines to SEM specialists helps with the communications cause. Direct lines with direct extensions eliminate dealing with a general number operator. Things move a lot more swiftly when calling someone’s direct extension.

Every month, the GotToMeeting streaming service is utilized to set up monthly remote meetings between clients and representatives. During the meeting, clients are informed of all new updates regarding their campaign.

The SEM specialists now work in groups under the direct oversight of a supervisor. This ensures the client has someone to speak to when a concern arises.

It is also worth pointing out here that White Shark Media will not dissolve working components of previous Adwords campaigns devised by another company. The new campaigns do not totally start from scratch. An analysis of the past campaign is done and those aspects that are working end up being kept in place. Consider this another positive change the company has made after weighing client feedback.

Overall, White Shark Media is making a few good moves to improve customer service and client relationships. The company’s stature in the industry is sure to grow once these new reforms are fully in place.


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