Improvement of Dog Foods Driving Innovation

Humans aren’t the only ones who are eating organic food products. Man’s best friend has also begun to eat higher quality products as the premium dog food market continues to expand and make up a larger chunk of the overall dog food market. Dog food manufacturers are responding to this growing trend by attempting to innovate in order to capture a growing portion of this market. Just how they do so varies significantly from one brand to the next with a wide range of responses to this market opportunity. Mars, a major brand, has attacked this market by offering products that appeal to dog owners more than the dogs including dishes that have names that the fog owners are used to such as Beef Stroganoff and lasagna. While the taste is similar to other dog foods Mars appears to hope that they benefit from pet owners trying to treat their dogs more like one of their own family. Beneful, another major brand that is owned by Nestle, is taking a different approach. They are offering a web service where dog owners can design the dog food ingredients they want added into their dog food. This added choice allows let owners to design diets that are healthier for their dogs and can meet up with their dietary needs. Many pet owners are even working with their vets to help design dog food blends through Beneful’s amazon site that are both healthy and conductive to their size and dietary needs. This allows pet owners to have better control over the health of their dogs so they can better control the environment that they live in. Freshpet, another dog food maker like Beneful is offering refrigerated dog foods that are located in their own proprietary refrigerators that they install at big box retailers. These allow them to provide fresher foods with less additives to the food. As we have seen, dog food manufacturers are trying a variety of new innovations to capture the premium dog food market. Which will prove successful is to be determined but dog owners are finding them flush with a wide range of premium options available on the shelf for them to consider.


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