Safer Bold Options With Lime Crime

Vibrant colors, production domestically and a commitment to the safety of customers are just a few of the things that make Lime Crime a great company for people who love to look good with their favorite colors. Unlike other makeup companies that create bold makeup, the company is one that is dedicated to the safety of the customers. It does not skimp on quality ingredients to save money and does not rely on chemical laden pigments to get the colors that can easily be achieved with natural products. It is a company that is dedicated not only to the looks of the customers it services, but also to the health and well being of those customers.

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime. She was unsatisfied with the makeup options that were provided by other companies that had bold makeup. She did not like the looks of these makeup companies and understood that the ingredients on the makeup were subpar. She did not want to put these on her face and she understood that many other people also had no interest in the makeup that came from these foreign companies. Doe Deere set out on a mission to create a company that had the bold colors that so many people love while the safety awareness that is essential in the makeup industry.

The Lime Crime makeup company has been subjected to several controversies. It is a company that has had attempts to bring it down and it has risen above all of these. The Lime Crime makeup company works with the customers to ensure that they are happy and has been able to rise above all of the scandals that it has been involved in. The company would have been brought down a long time ago, but it is a hearty company that offers a great product to its customers. The fact that Lime Crime has a strong leader behind it has helped it to stand tall and grow despite things that would have brought other companies down.

As the founder and owner of Lime Crime, Doe Deere has been able to make the company one of the biggest and best functioning makeup companies that provides bold looks to customers. As someone who enjoys bold looks, she can make the company truly connect with customers and has made this one of the goals of the company. Unlike other companies that focus on covering up the parts of a person that make their face theirs, Lime Crime focuses on the important parts. This can be everything from a person’s favorite beauty mark to their love of the color pink. Lime Crime helps them enhance their face and their makeup experience.


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