Shaygan Kheradpir’s new responsibility at Coriant company

Coriant that became an independent company in 2013 was founded by the Merlin Equity Partners. This was mainly contributed to by the acquisitions by Nokia Siemens Network and Sycamore Networks Solutions.
Coriant has so far extended its services both locally and globally.

Recognized for the great services, they have established their headquarters at Munich, Naperville, Germany and the USA. Coriant has managed to have its market in large enterprises, mobile and fixed line service providers, electric utilities, large enterprises and even in the Government agencies.

Shaygan Kheradpir, a familiar name in the technology and financial service industries, was currently appointed the CEO of Coriant company. A graduate from Cornell University with a degree, masters and a PhD in electrical engineering, Shaygan is really exepected to see the company through the dynamic and fast growing market.

With over a two decades experience, Shaygan has really worked in many organizations holding top positions. Prior to his appointment as the CEO at Coriant, he was an active member working with the senior Coriant management team. The clear portray of a skillful man in subject are some of the reasons he better qualified for the CEO position than any other.

Shaygan kick started his career at GTE Corporation. While working here, he mainly posted a great contribution to the company’s diversification offering a wider variety of mechanized telecommunication operations.
Before Shaygan became the CEO, Mr. DiPietro held the position. He stepped down for Shaygan and took up the vice chairman position with Robert Leggett the chairman.

In this news article, the company places much trust in Shaygan’s leadership skills to lead the company through the vast and highly growing end-user market.

To the far, the company has attracted a vast line of customers. This is all credited to the established innovative networking solutions the customers are receiving. The line of products offered has also immensely increased leading to the company’s recognition worldwide.


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