Impersonation – Sergio Cortes’ Tribute To Michael Jackson

Sergio Cortes is a 44 year old Spanish native who has been impersonating Michael Jackson since he was a child, which was when he became a dedicated fan of The Jackson 5. At first, Cortes was simply a fan of the pop star’s music and therefore he began to emulate his dance style and singing voice. Cortes has always been an avid dancer and actively enjoyed learning Jackson’s dances. He began to impersonate Jackson more even more as a teenager, and found that he was strongly encouraged to continue to do so. People responded very positively to his abilities and enjoyed seeing how well he could impersonate the star’s appearance and performances. Eventually, Cortes made the decision to wholly dedicate his professional life to perfecting his impersonation of the star’s looks, style, personality, and musical abilities.

Cortes has been vastly successful in doing just that. He is the world’s most famous and most renowned Michael Jackson impersonator, and has appeared several television shows including American Idol. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube of Cortes performing as Michael Jackson, and without the titles many viewers would have significant difficulty knowing with certainly which videos are Cortes and which are Michael Jackson! Cortes’ impersonation abilities go beyond his looks and uncanny resemblance to Jackson – Cortes is a legitimately talented singer and dancer who has managed to emulate Michael Jackon’s songs and dances and recreate them beautifully.

Sergio Cortes has nearly 20,000 likes on Facebook and has a global fan base. He has a very strong South American following, especially in Brazil where he currently lives. His performances are almost indistinguishable from Michael Jackson’s himself.

Cortes’ inspiration to impersonate Jackson arises from a deep respect and love for the late pop star. It is said that impersonation is the highest form of flattery, and Cortes is widely considered to be Jackon’s best impersonator. Michael Jackson’s legacy and talent is able to live on through Sergio Cortes, and Michael’s fans are able to come very close to attaining their dreams of seeing the King of Pop perform by attending a Sergio Cortes performance.

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