MJ Impersonator Who Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Michael Jackson will always remain to be one of the most inspiring, loving, and talented singers of our generation. His music, singing voice, and how he handled the stage with his stage presence helped make him a legend. Despite him leaving, his legacy continues on in the world, and his music continued to bring a light of hope and a sense of love until this very day. While his life may not continue, his legacy is brought into light through the power of impersonators who love to bring Michael’s songs into reality today.

MJ Impersonator Who Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Sergio Cortes has recently made it his livelihood to practically live the life of the deceased legend. Hi has been impersonating the famous Michael for so many years, and it wasn’t until just a few years ago when he finally got his name out there. He began to finally get people to take notice of who he is. What he loves so much about performing as Michael is that he gets to dance his heart out while getting to make other people relive Michael’s most iconic songs.

As an impersonator, he has posted videos on social media sites like YouTube, and he has skyrocketed like crazy over the past few years through his performances. He has performed in countless cities and countries, and many people have exclaimed that his approach to performing of the stage is almost the same as seeing Michael himself. He is beginning to take the world by storm with his performances. His goal is to eventually be capable of singing and performing in other parts of the United States. There is no doubt in his mind that he will reach the American audience with his skills.

Many people are confused as to how he looks so much like Michael. He grew up listening to Michael as a teenager. His Mother has always been a huge fan of the pop superstar icon, and she introduced Sergio to Michael as he got older. He generally fell in love with Michael and developed not just the same looks but also the same singing voice. His natural voice can go as high and is naturally as crisp as the original Michael, and he has perfected every dance move that Michael has ever made. He stands out compared to other impersonators of the late icon because of his singing and facial structure that is nearly the same in almost exact intricate detail.


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