Free Data Carriers Seek To Change Cell Industry

It has been a short nine years since the advent of the modern smartphone. In the beginning of this innovational era, the idea of having a device in your pocket that you could use to access the Internet, call, and actually work on sounded like something in the far distant future. But over the last 10 years, technology has not only kept up with the demands of the ravenous consumer public, it has surpassed it.

Nowadays if you don’t have a smart phone you are considered out of the norm. With the availability of smart devices going up, and the prices of those devices declining to consumers, more and more people are understanding and taking advantage of the amazing things smartphones offer. Using a smart phone, you can quickly access worldwide information anywhere that you are.

But with this access to data there is a price. If you have a smart phone you know that data overages are extremely expensive when it comes to purchasing phone service from mainstream carriers. It is not uncommon to be charged with a substantial increase for overage charges when it comes to using cell phone data.

But now there are many companies that are addressing the issue of excessive bandwidth costs, and are coming up with novel solutions to help users with those extravagant costs.

FreedomPop has been in existence for a number of years and is offering viable alternatives for those who don’t have mobile data available on their plans. The company offers free data and voice services at no charge. It is one of the first companies in the country to offer free mobile and data plans.

Some who may question the reliability of the FreedomPop network need not worry. The network is carried on ClearWire and Sprint’s mobile network, so reliability is assured. The company’s longevity should not be a concern, either. FreedomPop has been in continuous operation over the past three and half years, and is preparing to expand their services to Europe.

While the free model isn’t new, the presented plan in the capacity of a wireless carrier is new and innovative. For people that don’t have ready access to mobile phones or wireless data, FreedomPop is a godsend.

Having a greater access to data will be a welcome option to beleaguered cell phone users everywhere. The option of having free mobile plans with data will be heartily welcomed by many consumers. FreedomPop is a novel approach to a continuing problem in cell phone usage for the consumer.


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