Brazilian Authors Inspire Global Audiences

Brazil has a rich history of producing writers and poets that capture the imagination of a generation in a way that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Rio de Janeiro in particular has proven to be a teeming ground for cultural growth.

Contemporary Brazilian literature tends to be a bit introspective focusing on the themes of loneliness and violence that are inherent in the daily experience of city life. Prior to this movement, much of Brazilian literature was more pastoral utilizing romanticized characters against rural backdrops.

One heralded Brazilian author is Jamie Garcia Dias. Dias is a respected author and a teacher that served as the Carioca Literature Academy’s Vice President. Mentored by this father who was a writer, Dias began writing books at the age of 18. He is an especially prolific author that wrote ten books before approaching the age of 30. Jamie Garcia Dias was particularly close to his father Arnoldo Dias and honors his father throughout his body of work. Jamie Garcia Dias has cited that he was also inspired by the writings of Graciliano Ramos, a post modern Brazilian author. Some of his notable titles include Two Ways, Clouds and Tiny and Canal. He has received awards and prestigious accolades for his work including the 2001 White Crane Award.

Another Brazilian author that is a product of the cultural vibrancy of Rio de Janeiro is Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist. The Alchemist is such a revered work that it has been printed in 80 languages. Coelho was also deeply involved in the theatre community as a director and actor and was also a lyricist and journalist in his own right. Coelho is a wildly successful Brazilian author that has sold over 210 million copies of his books globally.

Brazil also has a rich tradition of excellence in Poetry. Several Brazilian poets including Ferreira Gullar and Manoel de Barros have received Nobel Prize nominations for their work. Brazil has also experienced a surge of other contemporary voices in poetry including Adelia Prado and Elisa Lucinda. These emerging poets focus on marginalized individuals and their journeys in the context of a lonely existence juxtaposed against an urban landscape that is fraught with political issues and media control.

Whether by intriguing audience with beautiful poetry, contemporary literature or heartfelt portraits of youth, Brazilian authors have added much to the literary cannon. With a rich literary heritage, Brazilian authors have created intoxicating stories for audiences to enjoy. The works of Brazilian authors resonate with audiences because they are so entrenched in humanity. The works of Jamie Garcia Dias, Paulo Coelho, Ferreira Gullar and Manoel de Barros all capture the true nature of the human spirit. We all need to be reminded of our humanity, so we are indebted to authors that remind us of our own strengths and weaknesses.


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