How Spirituality In Business Can Lead To Success


The concept of spirituality in business has been spoken about by great leaders and academics alike but no one has practically applied the concepts of spirituality to the corporate world like Joseph Bismark and gleaned great results from it. The spiritual intellect and businessman has changed the landscape of the QI Group by focusing on the most important resource of any organization – the employees. Joseph Bismark’s approach to business is highly spiritual and methodical but the results have been extremely tangible and groundbreaking.

The following points analyze the amazing benefits of spirituality in business and how it can lead to success –

Why is Spirituality Important In Business? – Spirituality’s role in the corporate world has been massive since the 1920s. Spirituality can help workers find inner peace and feel secure in an organization, especially in case of acquisitions, mergers and takeovers. It can, in turn, lead to a better and more profitable global economy. As the world looks towards spirituality to deal with crisis – both personal and professional – spirituality has been used by Joseph Bismark to help employees work better because they are satisfied and at peace.

What is The Impact Of Spirituality On Business? – Joseph Bismark has used spirituality and shown that by consistent use of spiritual practices, businesses can connect with their employees in a better way. With spirituality, he has not only improved employee satisfaction but has also helped to improve employees’ health, commitment, work ethic and creativity. His practices have led to a growing sense of community within the employees and have cultivated fairness, trustworthiness, respect and credibility at the workplace.

How Can Spirituality Be Promoted In Workplace? – The simplest way of promoting spirituality in workplace is by arranging for prayer systems and support groups. Various organizations also have assistance programs for employees and leaders. Spirituality can also be encouraged with the help of transformation, development and growth management.

Programs that offer – support for bereavement, stress management, diversity and well are also great ways to promote workplace spirituality. Leaders can encourage teammates and employees to be more creative, innovative and can focus on self-expression.

The world of business is already a stressful one but because employees are human, their personal lives can start impacting their work. By taking care of them, spirituality in business helps to strengthen the bond between the company’s leaders and employees. It can lead to long term success as well.


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