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How To Edit Wikipedia Pages
The object of editing an article or document in Wikipedia is to correct errors, improve the readability, and add accurate new information that will improve the content.

There are editing rules and guidelines set by Wikipedia for consistency and accuracy. You are asked to follow these instructions when editing a document or information in Wikipedia. Although you are allowed to edit a document, if the changes are not for the sole purpose of improvement, accuracy and enhancement, the system will delete your material within seconds if the rules and guidelines are not followed.

Anyone can edit, documents/articles for improvement and accuracy purpose, unless the document is secured and entry is not allowed. With a Wikipedia SignIn Account, there are additional editing functions available. Please refer to the Wikipedia Manual of Style for appropriate layout for consistency and style when you attempt to make a new wiki article.

Three Steps To Begin Editing
The editing system is designed to accommodate standard text input.

First – Click where it says “Edit this page” located at the top of the article. If you are not allowed to edit a specific page it will be identified by a “lock icon” to the right side of the page. If you see the “lock icon” and you still wish to edit the page you can submit an “edit request” and you will receive a response to your request from an editor with access to edit that information.

Second – Enter the text you wish to contribute to the article, correct any typos, then

Third – Proceed to edit summary by reviewing the changes you have made to ensure these are the change(s) intended, then click “Save Page”
The final step to publishing your changes to a page is done by Wikipedia, and this is referred to as verifiability and neutral point of view.

This is Wikipedia Editing in action. Simple, clean and above all, accurate information to be shared.

How Does Verifiability and Neutral Point Of View Work
Wikipedia is not a place to boast your opinion. It is a place to provide balanced information. Therefore, all entries will be checked through valid sources of information, such as newspapers, journals, history books and documentation. You also have the opportunity to cite your source of information for verification.

If you are having difficulty in editing in Wikipedia, please refer to the Wikipedia Manual of Style.


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