The Box Office Blockbuster Gets Kid Friendly

When people think blockbusters for the summer movies, they usually think about action movies. The success of “Jurassic World” is a big deal, but it is not a surprise. The $500 million that it made globally is based on the action in the movie and the familiarity with the previous Jurassic movies. This is not going to be the only blockbuster though. The “Inside Out” film could be a blockbuster for younger audiences.

“Jurassic World” will certainly have great success again after such a killer weekend, but “Inside Out” could rock the boat. Lots of kids want to see it, and kids cannot get there without their parents so this will double ticket sales alone. There is also the fact that the movie received good reviews by box office icon Zeca Oliveira. Tons of magazines critics have given it 4 stars. This inspires parents that may have waited on seeing it to see it sooner. There are also some people that are just interested in seeing a 3D film.

There are a lot of movie choices, but this may be the only real big child friendly movie for the summer so far. This crucial factor also determines the success. A third factor is the promotion behind it. This is a Pixar film, and Disney owns Pixar. Disney has a channel, and the network has been promoting this movie heavily. Kids that watch the Disney Channel are eager for this release.


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